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Decorating questions have you stumped? If so, you've definitely come to the right place as answering all sizes, shapes, and flavors of questions in this arena is my specialty. I'm "Sam" (no, not short for Samantha!) Jernigan and I recently marked a career milestone: 25 years experience helping people just like you turn their interior as well as exterior design dilemmas into stylish solutions -- and, more importantly, their house into a home they love.Not a commissioned salesperson like most decorators and designers, Instead I work for YOU not the store, Consultation services by the hour, on-site OR remote, No sales pitch as I do NO retailing, period, Get just the fresh and stylish ideas, technical guidance and advice you need rotating graphic

My service is quite out-of-the-ordinary so I appreciate this opportunity to explain the way I uniquely work with clients.

First, it's important to note that MOST decorators or designers are commissioned salespeople in some fashion or another. That's all well and good until you ask them for "advice." After all, what do you suppose their answer's predicated upon -- your best interest...OR...their need to make a sale? Not to mention the fact that their "advice" is also usually limited to suggesting only the merchandise their store or studio sells.

In contrast, I simply consult by the hour and do NO retailing whatsoever. So I like to say, I work for YOU, not "the store." In actuality, I serve as something of a consumer advocate in that I'm dedicated to saving you money wherever possible vs. maneuvering you into a given purchase like one of my competitors might. Instead, making smart use of your re$ource$ accompanied by your delight in your new or renewed living space is my sole focus -- plus helping you avoid CO$tly mistakes! This is one more benefit of working with a seasoned designer -- I can help s-t-r-e-t-c-h your decorating budget and create a customized and stylish plan for your lifestyle while keeping a prudent eye on the long term value and functionality of purchases or changes you're considering. And because I go one crazy (!) step further and actually give away my to-the-trade discounts, you'll want to LEARN more about this unique wallet-lovin' benefit of working with me regarding retail purchases you may be planning.

COVID-19 update: I have been vaccinated (April).

And for those outside the Nevada and Placer counties region, E-design services are also available on a remote basis - LEARN more...

client Nancy Lindberg with Designer Sam Jernigan working on plans for her new custom home
Custom home client Nancy Lindberg (left)
with Interior Designer "Sam" Jernigan.
3D space planning & renderings allow you to
SEE before you buy or build!
Wall Street Journal article entitled Love & Money explaining how their decorator helped them negotiate their differences
Providing remote COVID-19 e-design services, interior design & interior decorating consultation, 2D and 3D space planning, e-interior design services remotely, real estate staging services, home design and remodeling guidance, holiday & special event decorating, retail window display & merchandising services, retail store and restaurant design and re-design plus project management services in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Alta Sierra, Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood, Colfax, Truckee, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Granite Bay, Auburn, Newcastle, Loomis, Penryn, Marysville, and Yuba City. Other areas by special arrangement for on-site design services and most services also available on an off-site (telecommute) basis.
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This dated-but-still-relevant excerpt from a WSJ article (left) highlights a couple's rather common dilemma in trying to negotiate the often bewildering decorating terrain together. And I often serve in this same role of helping couples navigate their way to a cohesive look for their home.

By the way...if you're selling a home I have extensive as well as re$ult$-oriented home staging expertise too.

In fact:

  • DIY staging tips of mine were featured in an

    article on Designer Sam Jernigan quoted in staging and other decorating articles on

  • And I was similarly interviewed for a staging article onDesigner Sam Jernigan quoted in decorating articles on

  • Plus was previoulsy sourced as a home staging expert forDesigner Sam Jernigan quoted in decorating articles on AOL

  • READ additional national decorating articles of mine in the Library...

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    So if you want to save save time, $$$ usually lots, and frustrationlearn more about how I can help resolve your decorating dilemmas by reviewing the information on this site, and then give me a call to schedule your in-home (or in-office) consult @ 530.362.1339 -- and, YES, I welcome the opportunity to provide commercial design services too so if you're planning a new B&B, retail store, restaurant, or other project, DO get in touch.

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    Interior Designer, IFDA
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    Serving Nevada & Placer counties and surrounding areas since 2004

    Celebrating over 25 YEARS in business

    (founded in 1992 in Sonoma County, CA)

    residential . commercial . retail

    major credit cards accepted with 3% processing fee
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